Monday, July 21, 2008

Where has July gone?

I cannot believe that the month of July is almost over! This month has been very different in the cupcake world. For me anyway! Debbie and Steve went on Vacation so that left me for the first time to run the shop and make the cupcakes on my own. OMG! I did it but lets just say I'm glad Martha Stewart didn't come for a visit that weekend. Since she has been back we are on a roll trying some new flavors and tweeking some old favorites. Debbie tryed the fresh Peach and that got sold out right away. We had special orders for strawberry and they to were a big hit. It's a fun time of the year to try all the fresh fruits but really is a science to know how much to put in so the actual cupcake is not mushy. Yuck.
I'd like to say a special thank you to any of you who have read our blog spot and then actually came to the shop to buy a cupcake. I really appreciate your support and love it when people say they found us on the Internet. A special thanks to Wanda Jones for her recent cupcake gifts she gave to us. A really cute cupcake decanter, tea towel, bag and notepad. That was so special. If you didn't get it, we collect cute things with cupcakes on it. Thanks again Wanda.
Well I'll close for now and hopefully it won't be another month before I check in.
Have a great summer and see you soon.
The Lil sis.


sandra said...

While taking a little R&R break from our shop, my husband and I made our way to Waxahachie.

First off, I can't get over how much that sleepy little town has grown.
Secondly, the combination of your shop inside an Antique store was wonderful since I seek any and all Antique spots!

Carol Ann was kind enough to spare a few words with us though she was extremely busy with customers.

We'll be sure to pass on your information to our cupcake customers. I was looking here on this blog for the flavor list you mentioned but must be missing it. Let me know how to view that or if there is a website with those details.

We wish you continued energy and the very best in your sweet venture!

Sandra =)
Fort Worth, Texas

Lady Jeanne said...

The peach cupcakes were SOOOOOO yummy. I know I told you that already, but since I've found you and I'm here I have to say it again.

Mmmmmmm! :-)