Monday, October 13, 2008

What to make?

So the focus for the last couple of weeks has been trying to decide what to do for the Bob Phillips Festival AND how many of what we finally decide on!! We think we have made a final decision and then we think about it and second guess ourselves and make a change and then try to decide if we make the right change. It is frustrating that we have never done this before and want to be prepared.
Last weekend we had orders for six dozen different kinds of cupcakes so that made for a busy Friday night and Saturday morning. But we made it and had another sell out day. I stumbled across a really cute and easy decoration. I frosted the cupcakes and then rolled them into Halloween colored M&M's. For something that sounds so easy it really is a cute idea. My camera's battery has been needing a recharge so I haven't taken cupcake pictures lately. But it just got charged tonight so pictures will be coming soon!!!
Steve and I are going away to Broken Bow, OK this weekend to celebrate his birthday so Carol Ann will be in charge of creative decisions for Saturdays cupcakes. So, I am interested in what she will choose to make!! She will have more control with the decorations, I like to go with the idea that if some is good then more must be better!!! She does not always agree with me on that!!! She likes to edit me especially in the area of sprinkles.
Ok, until next time, keep eating cupcakes!!
Big Sister

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