Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a weekend! (little sisters view)

What a weekend. This past weekend was the Gingerbread trail here in Waxahachie Texas. That means a group of people who live in our community volunteer to open there house for thousands of people to walk through and look at there home. What this meant to us, was more people in the store buying our sandwiches and eating and adoring our cupcakes.
Saturday was a great day. Debbie went cupcake crazy. On a day to day basis we have one flavor of the day. On Saturday we sometimes will have 2 maybe 3. But this last Saturday there was, I think 5 flavors. People couldn't get enough. It's always about the taste, but there is a small element of the look of the cupcake, and the cute factor. We took some great pictures and soon I'll get Debbie to post those so you can look at how pretty and scrumptious our cupcakes are. Until next time, EAT More cupcakes!
Bless you,
PS T-shirts and bumper stickers are coming soon!

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