Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am a horrible blogger!!!

I know, I know, I am a horrible blogger. I read other blogs and find myself upset when they miss days. Well, I have missed a whole month. We have been keeping busy but there is still room to be busier.
We have been so blessed to have a group of regulars that happen to be local downtown business owners that come in themselves but they also recommend us to their patrons.
Today Carol Ann said there was two men that came into the shop and said, "The word on the street is I need your cupcakes." They ended up leaving with over one dozen nutter buddies to take for a meeting later in the day.
One of the most fun things still is to come up with different flavor combinations and then to name the cupcake. Sometimes they just have a regular name like chocolate orange,(chocolate cupcake with orange cream cheese frosting). But then someone will say you always have such fun names why such a plain name? The reason that comes to mind is sometimes it is just too hard to come up with something fun and different that suits the flavor. The chocolate orange cupcake, we were talking about calling it something like "whack an orange", in reference to the chocolate oranges you see at Christmas that you have to whack on the table to break it apart. But, we always have to think of how many times Carol Ann can explain the name before she will crawl over the counter! LOL!!!
OK, come by and buy cupcakes!!! Remember if we don't have the flavor you want, all you have to do is order one dozen and they can be ready for you the next day!!!
Big Sister

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