Sunday, September 7, 2008

What is September already?

O.k. so all of sudden I'm looking at the blog and realize a month has whizzed by. So if Debbie is feeling guilty about not blogging more, maybe I should? The shop is just cooking. We are getting more and more catering gigs and I am loving that. Yes, I love selling the cupcakes, and I really get excited about making the sandwiches. However, when I really get revived up is when I get the phone call or referral for a catering job. I just love talking to the people and showing them how we can fit there needs. It's so fun! Plus when people realize all the flavors that Debbie has come up they get excited about getting to pick from such a long extensive, fun flavorful, list of cupcakes to choose from. I love meeting more people in the community. If you haven't had the chance come on in . If you want a real treat, come in on a Saturday and watch Debbie work with me. She has a full time job, and comes in the evenings to make cupcakes and then on Saturday. To funny to watch her work the register, get tea and serve cupcakes at the same time. Ok so it's the little things that make me happy. Don't
get me wrong, she does a great job, she has a smaller threshold of impatience with her self and gets a little cuffed. To fun!
Bottom line, we have great cupcakes, super flavors in a relaxed atmophere. Come on in. I'd love to see you sometime soon.
Carol Ann A.K.A, lil sis

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