Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black Forrest

So last night we get to the shop and there is a message on the answering machine. Is it too late to make an order for 2 dozen cupcakes for tomorrow? Yes, it is late but why did we go into this business if we don't want to sell cupcakes? So Carol calls back and talks to the woman about flavors. It is for a child's birthday party. Carol mentions a few flavors and the woman picks PB & J with grape jelly please for one dozen and unknown for the second. So we tell her what the flavor of the day is going to be, Black Forrest and she decides that sounds like a winner.
My Black Forrest is my yummy chocolate cupcake filled with pureed (mashed) cherry pie filling and then the debate came over the frosting flavor. Carol thought it should be chocolate but I thought it should be vanilla more like a whip cream appearance. I won out because I make the cupcakes. So it had vanilla cream cheese frosting with chocolate shavings on top. Very pretty!!
I had just made PB& J yesterday so I just made the one dozen for the order and decided to make the rest of them Blonde Drama Queens. Which is just a fun name for a buttermilk cupcake with hot pink vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with sprinkles. It is the name and the appearance that will draw them in and the taste that makes them come back for more!


pam said...

Black ?Forest - chocolate frosting isn't it??? that's what the black part means??? it's not white forest
(this was a paid comment)

Naomi said...

I don't care what color the thing is I want some RIGHT NOW. Please.

Leigh said...

Black Forest Cake by any other name would taste as sweet ... as long as it is yours, is my guess :)