Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let's start the blogging

OK so this is my first official blog entry....Hummm, what to say....Let's start at the beginning. My sister and I had been making cupcakes for a while just selling them to our friends and giving them away just because our family couldn't or shouldn't eat them all. We started getting busier and had the wild idea of starting our own cupcake shop. But we had never started our own business and really didn't know all the "details" (aka money) that would be needed. But as they say ignorance is bliss and we started looking at spaces.
We live in a small town with an a historic downtown area that is visited by many out of towners. We thought this would be the perfect spot to open our shop. They is always something going on and even when it's a slow weekend there are people coming to the square to take pictures of the courthouse. So there is usually a lot of walk by traffic. Problem was there just weren't that many spaces available and the ones that were available were very pricey or wanted a long term lease that we were just not ready to sign quite yet. Then we found what we thought was the perfect space. It was just off the square, but close enough and it seemed the right size. It was going to take some time and money to make the space a place to bake and sell cupcakes. We got contractors and plumbers to come and give us quotes but the owner of the building was never available to talk about the terms of the lease. So we prayed and asked God to make sure this is the place we are suppose to be. We had prayed earlier for patience in waiting to find the right spot. Sure enough this was not our place, the owner had another deal in the works and we were his just in case plan "B" people. We were disappointed but had to believe it wasn't the right place or time just yet. We put it on the back burner but always had our eyes and ears open for possibilities.
One day after work I didn't want to go straight home so I decided to go by one of our favorite antique stores on the square. About half way through the store I came around a corner and there was a small cafe space that had a for rent sign on it. Oh My Gosh!! is this our space? I found the person in charge and talked to him about the space and then called my sister. It was fully furnished with EVERYTHING except the ingredients. It was a very reasonable price and a short term lease. All good things in our mind. One small thing was the owner really wanted the place to serve something other that just cupcakes. So we put our heads together and came up with soups and sandwiches in addition to our cupcakes.
Within a matter of just a couple of weeks we had developed a menu, bought groceries, made a sign, signed the lease and opened for business!! Isn't God wonderful!
Carol had stepped out in faith and gave her notice at her school job. She would be the person at the shop on a day to day basis, making the sandwiches, dealing with the daily business. I would be the cupcake maker. I work my full time day job (as an x-ray tech) and then every evening go to the shop and make cupcakes for the following day.
So that is how we came to be, Two Sisters Lunchbox Cafe. My Dad says we should have stopped at Lunchbox because a cafe sells more than sandwiches and cupcakes.LOL!!!

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